The Irish Wolf Hound

Do you know how when you get a pet your parents always have to choose . Well my dad has a crazy idea he wants a Irish wolf hound . If you don't now what they are then I'm glad you don't because they are huge furry dogs. There about as big as my sister and she is about 4 feet and five inches and this is when the dog is just standing. They look exactly like real wolves but almost bigger.


JD's laughing problem

My friend JD has a huge laughing problem. If I said pudding she started laughing so hard I couldnt stop her . When I say something just funny her face turns bright red .When I say something really funny she cant breath ,her face is red ,and I cant stop her if you held a piece of choclate cake in front of her she would still be laughing.Yah she has a serious problem.


big foot

My friend big foot yah he is bigfoot but thats not his real name his real name is TB .The reason I call him that is because his shoe sizes are BIG I meen his foot size is probably bigger then my dads . His shoe size is a nine and a half at least . My shoe size is pretty big and people say that they are but when they see TB's feet they think he's going to squash them like a bug.


Crazy Cat

My cat is the craziest cat that you could imagine. He runs up and down the stairs a thousand times. When I was sitting in a red chair my cat snuck up behind me and jumped on my legs and dug his nails into my legs. My cat lept off and left red marks on my knees for the rest of the day my knees killed .